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The Journey Towards Health & Balance Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

If you ever get the chance to go to a healing circle with Angelic Aurora, do it!! I cannot recommend these ladies enough. I was so down I literally didn't want to be here and was seriously suffering from anxiety and things from my past were really troubling me. I had known Sam for years and got invited.

Sam and Simone are amazing, beautiful and very special ladies. They made me feel safe, loved and valued. I left feeling lighter, unburdened and able to carry on. I cannot thank them enough.

- Paula Jenkin-Smith

Angelic Aurora always gives a treatment that helps you to feel calm and relaxed, it melts away stresses and revitalises your energy. My favourite treatment is reiki because it’s infused with aromatherapy - which is very unique and makes Angelic Aurora treatment experience extra special!

- Cerise Shulver

I've had reflexology (It's my personal favourite) Reiki (relaxing) Sam & Simone are so welcoming and knowledgeable about the therapies and what will best suit you (I have fibromyalgia) It is so reassuring and wonderfully relaxing to know you are in professional hands.

- Tracy Mills


Holistic Training